pare down the essence but don't remove the poetry


DMV electronic and punk sounds hit the outdoorz. You all, the dancers, made year one what it was and what it always will be. We can not wait to have you back.

ZAP outdoorz is a vessel for the essence of motion, a weekend dedicated to the joyous release of celebration, encapsulating the familial feeling of our community. We’re designed to intertwine the nature of the city scene with the natural world — to celebrate the spirit of the DMV by setting it against a natural landscape. ZAP outdoorz is an escape from the urban forest of skyscrapers and concrete streets, an away-weekend soundtracked by a fusion of inclusive dance music and house punk shows. We are ever-evolving, ever-reflecting the sound of the present moment, forever focused on staying intimate with a purposefully playful energy. 

Weekend highlights include a pool party takeover, lakeside tunes, DJs until sunrise, and punk bands smashed in the middle of it all. The ethos of ZAP is homegrown and handspun.

(8/30) Friday - Music starts at 8pm and goes until 4am.
(8/31) Saturday - Music starts at 12pm and goes until 6am. 
(9/1) Sunday - Music starts at 12pm and goes until 6am.  

Please head to our info & rules section to learn more about the festival.